Meet The Evendine House Team

Since 2014, Evendine House Residential Home has been a family run business.

Together we run several outstanding residential care homes that offer superlative care and services for a variety of needs. Our hard work, passion and dedication is reflected in all aspects of care at Evendine House. From the highly skilled and compassionate care team to the wonderful variety of delicious food and snacks – as a family, we oversee it all.

We want to provide the best quality care for all residents at Evendine House Private Care Home and recognise the importance of continual professional development and encourage all staff to stay up-to-date with the latest care approaches. In addition to the existing training currently available, we wish to invest in further training opportunities in the future to ensure that the care offered at Evendine House is always of the highest quality.



We have owned and operated care homes since 1997; our passion for delivering great care and our zero tolerance for anything else has only grown year on year.

Our strapline “Because we care” is very real and, as individuals and a family, we get personally very upset if we fail to deliver anything less than brilliant care.

I am personally legally and, I feel, morally responsible for each and every home and its residents. If I am not visiting a home, I am in daily contact with the managers and their teams.

Our systems and processes are all geared to letting me and my directors know when things have not been done and providing information to enable us to constantly improve.

We never think “this is great and it’s good enough” – we always strive to do better.


Operations Director

I have been working in the business for nearly 15 years.

My job now is Operations Director supporting the managers and their staff teams to make sure that we maximise the overall wellbeing of each and every resident.

Unlike other homes, this is not just about making sure that there is no poor care, it is about instilling and maintaining a passion for excellence in everything we do. Part of my job is to ensure the smooth running of the homes with really fast purchasing so if a resident needs something it is in the home within hours, not days or weeks.

I am also responsible for the décor and maintenance of the homes and hopefully making sure they are homely and fulfil the wishes and aspirations of each individual resident and their relatives alike.


Finance Director

My role as Finance Director is to ensure the long term financial sustainability of the Care Home.

I am also responsible for Health & Safety, Data Protection and Information Technology. I regularly work from our Care Homes as it’s important to be hands-on, working with our teams to ensure that the necessities of regulation don’t detract from the demanding job of delivering great care.

Unlike many in the care industry, we are investing significantly in IT; we see it as an effective way of continually improving the quality of care and to continue to be more responsive to our resident’s and staff’ needs. Our systems tell us in real-time if things have not been done; Care is a 24/7 business and we work every hour necessary to ensure that issues are addressed immediately



Our extremely talented and caring team have over 30 years of care knowledge and experience.

All members of our care team are fully qualified and passionate about what they do. We also have staff that are trained in providing specialist care for Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

All of our staff wear a uniform and the colour of this is reflective of their role at Evendine House. By doing this, residents and their families are able to identify members of staff and their responsibilities.


Registered Manager

“I am the registered manager for Evendine House and have been working in the care industry for 11 years. I am passionate about providing person-centred care, I love to meet new people and taking on new challenges. I strive to promote the best standards possible whilst supporting the residents and staff. Since being here at Evendine everybody has been so welcoming, Evendine House has a lovely family feel to the home.”


Care Assistant

“I finished college and straight away decided I’d like to go into nursing, so care seemed like a great starting point, but I loved it so much I stayed here. I love filling people with confidence and making them happy, and knowing that the residents here are satisfied. Evendine House has such a homely, family environment that’s so open, we all work as a team, and there are great opportunities for personal development – when I first started here I was shy, but through talking to residents, I feel like I’ve come out of my shell, and I’m so much more confident. My average day is filled with talking and laughter as I try to get the most out of my interactions with residents.”


Activities Co-ordinator

“I got into care after my experiences with my son, who has ASD and ADHD, which made me realise that I loved looking after and helping people in their day to day life. When I started at Evendine House, I only worked two days a week, but quickly realised that coordinating the activities was a really fulfilling job. I love talking to residents, especially when they tell me about their lives, and being part of making them smile with the activities that I arrange. I help around the home, in the kitchen, with maintenance, and even gardening, as well as organising the fun and games.”


Domestic Staff

“I worked here at Evendine for 5 years, then took a break to care for my husband. After this, I wanted to get back into work but didn’t want to care again straight away, so I applied for a role cleaning at the home, and got my current job. My favourite part of the job is seeing residents happy, making sure they have what they need, and knowing I can leave satisfied at the end of the day. My previous experience at Evendine has given me insider knowledge, and I have a great understanding of the inner workings of the home. My average day starts with a handover meeting to liaise with the night staff and make sure we’re all up to date. In this meeting we are told who the Resident of the Day is, and we all take extra care to make their day even more special.”



“I’m part of the kitchen team here at the home; my role here is mostly cooking, planning menus and ordering stock, but I also get involved in the activities we run, like making cupcakes for residents to decorate.”


Kitchen Assistant

“I started as a kitchen assistant here at Evendine, then made the move into care. My favourite part of working at the home is chatting to residents and finding out about their lives. I love my job because of the difference I make in people’s lives as well as the family atmosphere here in the home, we’re always smiling! An average day for me includes helping people with their day to day live, giving person-centred care, and making sure all needs are met, so all residents are helped as and when they need it. I love how the team works at Evendine, as a unit in harmony.”

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