Care Homes near Ledbury - The Benefits of Evendine House

Located just 4 miles away from Ledbury, amongst over two acres of landscaped gardens, Evendine House stands as one of the most popular care homes near Ledbury. Evendine provides an outstanding residential care facility with a beautiful country house atmosphere set amidst spectacular views of the esteemed Malvern Hills. 

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond for our residents, offering bespoke care plans tailored to individual needs so that each person receives only the highest quality care at all times. So you can rest assured your loved ones are receiving thoughtful attention from caring professionals throughout their stay at this picturesque home away from home.

Evendine House stands out from the crowd with its charming, family-oriented atmosphere. Boasting cosy communal areas and daily activities for just 19 residents, everyone at Evendine knows each other – creating an unrivaled sense of community compared to larger care homes near Ledbury. Our home provides elderly individuals with a much more intimate environment than what is often found in newly built facilities that have expansive living areas.

Residential Care Home Ledbury

If you’re searching for residential care homes in Ledbury, Herefordshire, we’re just a short 4 miles away! We provide unparalleled residential care through a variety of residential care services. 

Our comprehensive care packages cover all needs, from meals and drinks to housekeeping and personal assistance with dressing or cooking. We also have an activities coordinator who works closely with families and individuals so that everyone can find suitable activities tailored just for them. 

Outstanding service is the goal at Evendine House. Where every resident’s physical wellness, as well as emotional wellbeing, are catered for, allowing them to live happy fulfilling lives within a homely environment.

Specialist Dementia Care Homes near Ledbury

Evendine House Residential Care Home offers a welcoming, restful atmosphere with professional and compassionate staff who take the extra step to provide exceptional specialist dementia care

Our specialist team understands Alzheimer’s complexities and works closely with the families of our residents to create personalised plans tailored specifically for each individual. 

Evendine House provides the ideal home environment needed while providing top-quality support throughout your journey – you’ll be glad you chose us as your premier choice for specialist dementia care homes near Ledbury.

Day Care and Respite Care near Ledbury

We offer specialised and supportive respite care for individuals who require temporary assistance, whether that’s because the usual caregiver is unavailable, or simply for a respite break. 

Respite care is ideal if you’re looking to make a transition into long-term care. We can help to make this transition as stress-free as possible by providing a homely environment with familiar staff. All of our residents receive the same high-quality amenities as our permanent residents, such as their own personal bedroom suite, enriching activities tailored to suit individual interests, plus nutritious meals cooked fresh on-site daily.

Couples Care near Ledbury

At Evendine House, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of couples care for elderly couples. Our ‘home from home’ environment and larger rooms enable married partners or companions to live together while still receiving any necessary support they may need. 

Experienced professionals strive to make every couple’s stay as pleasant as possible, allowing them both peace of mind that their independence is honored along with being able to enjoy quality time spent side by side.


At Evendine House, we provide our residents with a holistic wellbeing experience, whilst optimising social, emotional and physical wellbeing. We do this by offering our residents diverse and engaging activities

We understand the importance of socialisation for older adults, which is why visitors are welcome here at any time. Our carefully curated program includes exercise and walks, arts and crafts, music therapy sessions and live entertainment. Our activity programme is ever-evolving, tailored towards each individual’s needs and interests.


We like to make our guests feel right at home. Our tastefully designed rooms offer a restful and comforting atmosphere that suits individuals with varying needs – including those of more complex nature. 

We understand the importance of personal touches in providing comfort, so we invite all residents to customise their rooms by bringing along photographs, decorations and small pieces of furniture from home.

Advanced Digital Technology

At Evendine House, we use cutting-edge technology to ensure our residents receive the highest quality of care. Our unique digital care planning systems provide an unparalleled level of transparency and accessibility when it comes to monitoring resident health and wellbeing. 

Families of residents can log on and view their family members’ progress at any point in time and they will see virtually real time details. This also reduces paperwork for us, so that staff can spend more time providing the best care for our residents.

Visit us

As one of the most popular care homes near Ledbury, Evendine House provides a welcoming and homely environment for all of our residents. Our team is dedicated to providing top-quality personlised care to support the unique needs of each person. 

Come and see our lovely home for yourself. Contact us on 01684 215162 or complete our contact form to arrange a visit.

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