Our commitment

At Evendine, care is about ensuring that we maximise the overall well being of each and every resident, and ensure that they live every day to the full. Evendine House is their home for life – unlike many other homes we will do everything humanly possible to ensure a resident never has to leave their home with us. Also, we try to ensure that families and friends treat Evendine as the resident’s home by visiting frequently and being part of the warm ‘Evendine community’.

Our main aim is to ensure that residents receive exceptional quality attention to their needs and requirements. We use personalised and holistic approaches in order to support every aspect of our residents’ physical and emotional wellbeing, and we work in close partnership with family and friends throughout. We also want our home to continue growing and developing to become the pre-eminent home in the area.

Going forwards, we are going to add more communal space, extra facilities and more bedrooms, whilst ensuring we keep the same quaint country hotel ‘look and feel’. Also we are in the process of introducing an innovative and advanced computer system to ensure that we minimise the amount of time staff have to spend on paperwork, so we can maximise time spent on care.

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